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Cindy Shoehorn by Qualy

Cindy Shoehorn by Qualy is the perfect gift for a shoe lover! Namely, it is designed to look like a classic high-heel shoe with an ergonomic handle!Cindy Shoehorn by Qualy- Shoe-shaped Shoe Horn- Black

And what is more important, it’s so elegant and stylish that you can place it on your dressing table (or your office desk) like an ornament!Cindy Shoehorn by Qualy- Blac, Red, White & Pink shoe-shaped shoehorn- Gift for a Fashionista

Isn’t it a perfect gift for a fashionista or a shoe-lover?!

Not only is it useful, but it’s also an amazing decorative piece for an entrance hall!Cindy Shoehorn by Qualy- Shoe-shaped shoe horn black & red

Don’t forget that the first thing your guests will see in your house is your entrance hall! With this unique shoehorn you can add a little creativity to everyday things! Undoubtedly, the cute little Cindy Shoehorn by Qualy is going to put a smile on everyone’s face!Cindy Shoehorn Qualy Black and Red

Everybody needs a helping hand now and then, or a helping foot, in this case.Cindy Shoehor Qualy Red

Cindy Shoehorn by Qualy stylishly assists ladies to put on their smart high-heeled shoes!Cindy Shoehorn Qualy Red

Moreover, there’s no need for a prince charming to come an save you when you have this cute little helper at hand!Cindy Shoehor Qualy Red

The allusion to fairy tales comes from the advertisement for this product, namely  the “another Cinderella’s shoe” label

Furthermore, putting on those high heels can be bothersome and painful! Why not let Cindy Shoehorn by Qualy do the work for you?Cindy Shoehorn Qualy Red

In addition, Cindy Shoehorn by Qualy is available in different colors! Those that are currently available is red, black and white:Cindy Shoehorn Qualy Black, Red, White

Here is the link to the white one:

Cindy Shoehorn Qualy White

With its convenient size, Cindy Shoehorn by Qualy  is perefect for travel!Cindy Shoehorn Qualy Red

But more importantly, this cute product is made of durable, high-quality plastic and gift packed in a stylised shoe box!Cindy Shoehorn by Qualy Black

This makes it a perfect gift!Cindy Shoehorn by Qualy Red

If you’re looking for a unique gift or a piece of hallway decor, look no further! Cindy Shoehorn by Qualy is just what you need!Cindy Shoehorn Qualy Another Cinderella's Shoe- Red, Pink, White, Black


Product details

Color: Red, Black, White

Material: Hard Polypropylene (PP) plastic

Dimensions: 4.5cm x 11.8cm x 18cm

Weight: 150g

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