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Library Books Design Pencil Holder with Bottom Drawer

Library Books Pencil Holder with Bottom Drawer  will add a touch of elegance to your study or office! It is decorative, vintage-style, and exceptionally functional! Library Books Pencil Holder - Books Design Wooden Pencil Holder Organizer with Bottom Drawer2

As you can see, Library Books Pencil Holder with Bottom Drawer is perfect for those who love old-fashioned items! And what is more, it brings style to any space!

Namely, this Decorative Library Books Organizer has been made of sturdy wood. It looks like a set of ornate hardcover library books. Library Books Pencil Holder - Wooden Office Supply Caddy Pencil Holder Organizer with Bottom Drawer1

The top part of this Decorative Library Books Organizer features a pencil holder that is divided into 2 sections. It can hold pencils, pens, scissors, rulers, and other similar items. On the other hand, the bottom section is a pull-out drawer. This one is ideal for storing paper clips, rubber bands, erasers, etc. Library Books Pencil Holder - Desk Organizer with Bottom Drawer

The antique effect is achieved with gold-tone details and gold edges of the books. This makes it perfect for those who love vintage-style accessories!

Obviously, Decorative Library Books Organizer is a perfect gift for scholars, book-lovers and keen readers! Also, this could be your perfect gift for Thanksgiving! And what is more, it is extremely useful for an office!

Finally, Library Books Pencil Holder with Bottom Drawer  is a charming and useful storage rack. It will be a perfect decoration on any desk, table, or counter!

Product Details

The product includes multipurpose microfiber cleaning cloth

Dimensions: 5.75″ W X 5.5″ H X 2.75″ D

Color:  Brown

Material Type:  Wood

Expansion:  5.75 inches

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